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The world is full of mysteries such as the lost city of Atlantis, crop circles and Stonehenge. And then there are air fares.

If you start a journey from a major point, such as London, Paris or Frankfurt, the choice of sensible routes is usually fairly limited, but even then, routeing via Qatar, Dubai, Istanbul or Doha to Asia, say, increases the complexities and variations in the fare and total journey times available to the user. Once you add in a little flexibility to the departure and return dates, the number of options increases considerably.

The variation in fares and so the extent of savings is particularly high for people starting their journey from smaller airports. The airports in the Canary Islands, for example, have good links to the UK but usually less than daily services to other European hubs and the same applies to people living on the Costa Blanca (Valencia or Alicante airports) or the Costa del Sol (Málaga). I have found that simple searches rarely get the best value fares from this type of airport.

So, take a look through the site and see what sort of savings I can generate. If you send me a request on which minimal savings are available, I will inform you of this and there will be no charge.